How it works

One of the first questions anyone asks when planning a trip is how much will it cost?

Backpackers are a little different to your average holidaymaker as they're prepared to and generally forced to live on a budget.

Our budgets have been drawn from our own experiences, backpackers on the road right now and the most up to date resources available.

What’s included in a daily budget?

Our budgets are based on....dorm accommodation, eating like a local, drinking in moderation and taking in basic sights.

Obviously we're all different and so we give you the chance to apply your own preferences. Don't drink, want a private room, cook for yourself. Tell us and we'll apply a weighting to your daily budget.

I’ve created by budget...what next?

Once you've created your trip and planned your budget you can save it for reference or share it with the world to boast and maybe entice some mates to join you.

Go ahead and get started....

About Backpacker Budget

We're a team of backpackers aiming to provide help answering one of the biggest and most common backpacking much will it all cost?

Ever planned a trip and struggled to work out how much budget you'll need? Or want to know how far you can make your money stretch?

Backpacker Budget aims to help you plan a high level budget based on the countries you're visiting and how long you're staying in each place.

Its a work in progress and something we'll be evolving throughout the year. But check it out and start planning your travel budgets!