Beware the Tour Group Trap

Tours are a big business on the backpacker trail with an endless stream of travellers whisked off to swim in, jump off, trek through or simply admire all manner of natural attractions.

An arranged tour can give you access to adventure that would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to arrange on your own. Furthermore, an experienced guide will give you opportunities and insights you may miss completely if you where on your own.#

However, beware falling into the trap many appear too. Arriving at the next hostel, booking a tour, being chauffeured from door to door and having every little thing done for you whilst paying three times or more what it would cost to do yourself. After all, you’re an independent traveller right?

In truth, with a bit of research most attractions can be visited independently and if a guide is required there is never a shortage of willing experts for hire at your destination, often much cheaper than as part of a tour and with the advantage of getting a much more personal experience, seeing what you want to see and not pandering to the needs of the fussy (insert fussy nation of choice) couple in your group.

Its true, some tours, especially those in protected national parks, coral reefs etc. will always require booking with specialist tour groups but it’s always worth checking your options in case a cheaper and more rewarding experience is available.

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Seeing lots of people talking about backpacking to Brazil for World Cup. That will take a solid #budget