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I’ve recently embarked on my third spell travelling for longer than a year so consider myself an expert in frequenting my local Waterstones, buying a coffee and settling down to do some research with a pile of reading. Regardless of the destination and length of trip there are certain common questions that crop up during the planning.

How do I get there? What is there to see? Where should I stay? But perhaps most fundamental to my planning, how much will it cost? (Or more accurately my first question is generally “How much is a beer?”)

Finding a figure to give you an idea how much a bed for the night, some sightseeing and keeping food and watered will set you back is surprisingly challenging. Of course a budget is subjective based on an individual’s expectations and how far they want to make their money go.

We all know your day to day budget doesn’t involve the day you fly from Buenos Aires to Rio or the day you go skydiving in New Zealand. This is your standard, budget travel, how much does it cost to get by? A guideline and nothing more.

Hence, is born. We do just that. Give you a starting budget for your travels in countries throughout the world to help you in the first steps of trip planning and saving.

We also understand everyone is different. Some of us don’t drink, others cook in hostels and the luckiest amongst us get to avoid dorm rooms. We’ve tried to take that into account you let you personalise your choices a little.

So give it a try…..create your trip, review your budget, keep it to yourself or share with your friends (cos’ making your mates jealous is part of the fun of planning).

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Seeing lots of people talking about backpacking to Brazil for World Cup. That will take a solid #budget